I hired Heather after I had the same lawyer for 3 plus years. I had been through a very nasty divorce, a revised parenting plan right after my divorce and battles over child support. I was trying to obtain passports for my children which my ex husband was not wanting to cooperate with. So that’s when I hired Heather. I met with her one morning and right away I knew she was a good fit for me. She was not going to back down from my ex and was not afraid to rock the boat a little. She told me my case needed a change in tone and that’s exactly what she did. She changed the tone of my case.

In court she was very assertive and not going to take anyone’s crap. The look on my ex-husbands face was priceless. I think his eyeballs almost popped out of his head when she spoke. My other lawyer was very soft spoken and not very assertive, so he was used to pushing her around, but not Heather. She was not going to let that happen. She fought for me in court and it paid off. I ended up getting everything I wanted that day. I was amazed at her professionalism. I would totally recommend her, especially if you are in a really nasty divorce or custody battle. She and her staff guided me the entire way. Through countless emails and phone calls they were able to help me respond to my ex-husbands emails in a way that would be positive for me in court. I think that is a huge factor when hiring a lawyer. You need their guidance that’s why you hired them. At times I have felt very hopeless in my situation with my ex-husband, but now I have more hope that the future will be better because of Heather’s help.

K.T.- Puyallup, WA