Sarah Flynn

Introducing Client Services Liaison Sarah Flynn

Sarah Flynn is a master of client services and a visionary in marketing and branding. Geared specifically with a background in family law client services, Sarah understands each story, each situation and each family is unique. She also deeply embodies the belief that every case is not only deserving of the same care, but also requires exceptional attention to detail and critical listening ear. Having a conversation with Sarah feels as though you’ve known each other for years. Sarah is intuitive and eager to help all in need and prides herself in matching our clients with the right attorney in the firm.

Sarah’s empathy rings true as she was raised in a blended family and now has one of her own, for the past 14 years.

Sarah is a Tacoma native. When she is not busy working connecting clients with their attorney or perfecting the firm’s marketing efforts, you will find her enjoying the vast outdoor opportunities our great PNW holds. Her family equally enjoys the art of cooking and regularly is hosting dinners for neighbors, friends and family alike. If you are blessed to have her in your life, you will have food delivered to you when you are sick. Her family is her biggest WHY. It is important for Sarah to leave a legacy for her children to carry into their future generations.