Working Together to Benefit All Parties | Mediation in Washington

When it comes to divorce, most people look at fighting it out in the courtroom as a ‘necessary evil,’ but that is often not the case. Even when the parties do not exactly see eye to eye on every issue, it is often possible to use an experienced third party mediator to help get everything settled much more quickly, affordably, and with less stress.

Mediation is a process wherein both parties and their respective attorneys, come together in the same location (not always in the same room), along with an experienced family law attorney who is acting as the mediator. They will work to come up with agreements regarding how the divorce should be structured. This process helps to ensure that the parties involved retain as much control as possible over the outcome of the divorce.

Discussing things like how assets and debts should be split, residential schedules, and all other topics that need to be addressed using mediation can be surprisingly effective. In most cases the mediation process will take a full day, and allows the parties to work through difficult issues. Mediation can be used at various phases of the dissolution process. Some people opt to have a mediation session at the beginning of the case to resolve temporary issues in order to avoid a hearing on those issues.  Once some preliminary issues are resolved, a second mediation sessions can be set to finalize the remaining aspects of the divorce.

Even if there are a few things that can’t be agreed upon through mediation, the process can help to minimize what needs to be brought in front of a judge, which is in the best interest of everyone.

If you would like to have a mediator work with you in your divorce, please contact us to discuss your options. Our team has extensive training and experience with mediation services in Washington, and we would be more than happy to work with you to get through this process.