Get Off on the Right Foot in 2018 With Your Estate Planning

FACT: Whether you’re single or married, young or old, or have several assets or very few, you need an estate plan. Estate plans inform your loved ones (and also the government and the courts) of your wishes if you are unable to speak for yourself or pass away. By taking the time now to sit down with the right estate planning lawyer, you can think about the future and provide answers and guidance for your loved ones.

Even if you have already created an estate plan, you should update it regularly. Why not start now? Let us help you refresh your plans to accommodate everything that happened in your life last year!

Your “Typical” Estate Planning Scenario

Maybe you’ve read in blogs or heard from your friends that you need to get your estate planning out of the way. You seek out an estate planning lawyer in the area, get some documents drafted and signed, and think, “Well that’s that.” Far too often though, people store their documents in a drawer or some “safe place,” and never think about it again. We’ve seen this happen time and again, where people are spurred to revisit their plans only if something significant happens.

The point is, it’s very easy to leave your estate planning on the backburner, to be forgotten or neglected, until the time when you need it most. Attorney Heather Bliss and her family know firsthand what happens if you or your family get bad advice or poor follow-through with your estate planning lawyer. This experience created a passion for her to help others avoid the same situation, which is why she decided to incorporate estate planning into her practice.

What Needs Updating?

It’s a great idea to meet with your lawyer and look over your estate plan every couple of years. Life happens, things change, and we don’t automatically think of the estate plan that we created years ago. While it’s true that not every document needs to be updated every year, it’s still a good idea to meet with your lawyer and review your plan.

Your lawyer can provide you with information about any new laws that may impact your estate, and you can provide your lawyer with information about any changes that may have happened in the past year. Plus, as you review your estate plan together, you may find different tasks that still need to be handled. In this way, the visit can serve as a reminder of items still on your to-do list for creating a thorough estate plan.

Call Your Lawyer About Your Estate Plans When…

There are certain times or events in which you should contact your lawyer about changing your estate plans as soon as possible. Here are some examples:

  • A child or grandchild is born,
  • Your spouse or a relative listed in your estate passes away,
  • A relative passes away and leaves you with either a financial burden or inheritance,
  • You predict your household income will either significantly increase or decrease,
  • Your or your spouse’s health is declining,
  • There is a change in your relationship status with your family such as a divorce,
  • You plan to move out of state,
  • There is a change in the number of dependents (like when you care for an aging parent),
  • You or your spouse change careers, or
  • You purchase or sell a large asset such as a home or business

Contact Us

Whether you need to create a Washington estate plan or update it, our team at Bliss Law Group is passionate about making this process as easy and comforting as possible. After her personal experience with estate planning lawyers, our founder, Heather Bliss, decided to create this law group to help others have a better experience with their estate planning. As we work on finalizing our estate planning practice we are happy to answer questions and help to guide you through the process as painlessly as possible. Call us at (253) 844-4412 or email at

Written by Bliss Law Group