Are You Sure You Want to go to Harvard?

Congratulations!  Your child has worked hard throughout high school and been accepted into their first choice college!  When they receive that acceptance letter, there are hugs to be given, phone calls to be made, joyous celebrations to be had and also costs to consider.  Unless your wonderful child was granted a full ride scholarship, those college costs are going to add up and if you’ve agreed to help pay for it Read More

Divorce and Taxes

It's that time of year again…when you start receiving your tax forms and considering how you are going to file this year; how much you are going to owe Uncle Sam or if you’re lucky, receive a refund.  This can be especially stressful if you have recently filed for legal separation or divorce.  Do I file joint or single?  Who claims the children?  How does our division of assets affect my filing?  If I have to file as Read More

Solving the Mystery of Custody Determinations in Washington State

There are so many things to consider when determining custody and parenting plan arrangements for children. When a custody matter is particularly contentious, courts have to rely on some standard to base their decisions. The legislature recognized this when it drafted the statutory provisions that guide the courts in preparing parenting plans. Therefore, there are numerous factors the court will consider when Read More

Creating Lasting Memories this Holiday Season

The holidays are typically depicted as a special celebration of the traditional - and intact - family. For this reason, when there is a significant life change it can leave parents and children feeling disappointed, conflicted, and unsure how to make the season merry. Fortunately, it is possible to create joy and meaning into the holiday season by setting new routines and embracing them with love, enthusiasm, and Read More

Washington Parents: What You Need to Know About Relocation Under Your Current Parenting Plan Agreement

Are you thinking about relocating and wondering if you can relocate with your child? If you currently have a court order outlining custody and visitation rights between yourself and the other parent, then you are under certain obligations as the custodial parent to ensure proper timely notice is provided to the non-custodial parent. Child relocation law in Washington State requires you to make some considerations Read More

A Brief Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution for Family Law

Just a few decades ago when a couple was going through a divorce, it meant they would typically be heading to court. Even couples that were attempting to end their marriage amicably could be drawn into courtroom litigation that fostered resentment rather than healing. Today, a growing majority in the divorce industry are realizing that for many couples, the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques is a Read More