Peace of Mind in the Holidays

For those considering divorcing from their spouse, the holidays can be a stressful and emotional time of year. Despite your feelings about your current relationship, you may be hesitant to speak with an attorney for fear of ruining your family’s otherwise happy holiday season. But Bliss Law Group wants to assure you that this is not the case. Meeting with an attorney can actually provide you with some much-needed Read More

Communication Tips for Parenting During the Holidays

Finding the Right Tone and Method of Delivery:  After a divorce, or even during the divorce process, communicating with an ex-spouse can be difficult and unpleasant.  The ways that you used to communicate with each other may no longer be effective now that your relationship situation has changed.  Ignoring this issue off right from the beginning is not a healthy route to take, especially when you both are caring for Read More

How to Take Care of Yourself After Your Divorce

Divorce ranks high on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, second only to death. The effects can show up in a variety of ways from weight fluctuation, to insomnia, to feelings of insecurity about the future. This major life change takes a toll both emotionally and physically. That is why it’s so important to make sure that of all the things that need tending to at this difficult time—your home, your job, your children, Read More

What is Collaborative Law and How Can It Help You?

A Brief Q&A on Collaborative Law In recent years there has been a push for more alternative and non-confrontational avenues in handling and resolving Family Law Complex issues; avenues in which both parties are able to negotiate and compromise. One of the options that is being used more frequently is Collaborative Law.  Collaborative Divorce can be used for issues such as but not limited to: Child custody Read More

Understanding the Equitable Allocation of Assets & Debts in Divorce; AKA Who gets the house and the 401k?

Usually, one of the major concerns when beginning the divorce process is the division of marital assets and debts. Unless you situated a very thorough pre-nuptial agreement, there will usually be disagreements. If you and your spouse cannot ultimately agree on a settlement, Washington Law requires that courts divide the marital estate in a way that is “just and equitable.” Do not be mistaken though, in this case, Read More

What is the Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation in Washington State

Did you know, you can be legally separated, but not divorced? Divorce and legal separation fall under the same statute, and as a result, they have a lot of similarities but there are some distinct differences that separate the two.   In both situations, courts can divide assets and debts, determine child custody, and award child and spousal support using the same criteria. Both legal separation and divorce may Read More

Sharing Is Caring: 6 Tips to Help You Adapt and Thrive With Shared Custody

Shared custody between former partners can present challenges to some parents, as they balance their child’s needs with their own, all while navigating relations with a former spouse. Sharing your children’s time can be a fruitful and rewarding experience for parents if they utilize the following 6 tips on adapting and thriving with shared custody. 1) Be the bigger person When a couple separates or Read More

Are You Sure You Want to go to Harvard?

Congratulations!  Your child has worked hard throughout high school and been accepted into their first choice college!  When they receive that acceptance letter, there are hugs to be given, phone calls to be made, joyous celebrations to be had and also costs to consider.  Unless your wonderful child was granted a full ride scholarship, those college costs are going to add up and if you’ve agreed to help pay for it Read More

Divorce and Taxes

It's that time of year again…when you start receiving your tax forms and considering how you are going to file this year; how much you are going to owe Uncle Sam or if you’re lucky, receive a refund.  This can be especially stressful if you have recently filed for legal separation or divorce.  Do I file joint or single?  Who claims the children?  How does our division of assets affect my filing?  If I have to file as Read More

Solving the Mystery of Custody Determinations in Washington State

There are so many things to consider when determining custody and parenting plan arrangements for children. When a custody matter is particularly contentious, courts have to rely on some standard to base their decisions. The legislature recognized this when it drafted the statutory provisions that guide the courts in preparing parenting plans. Therefore, there are numerous factors the court will consider when Read More