Divorce from a Child’s Perspective. How Do You Help the Kids?

What will we tell them? How will they react? These are normal questions a parent might ask themselves when considering a divorce. Helping your children navigate the divorce process is a lot of work but with the tips below and some work on your part you will make it through. You just sat down with the kids and told them that you and their other parent are getting divorced. Maybe they asked a lot of questions, some Read More

When the Right Decision Can Feel Wrong: Your First Holiday After Divorce

We file for divorce because we’re unhappy with our current relationship and want change. But during the first year after the divorce, there are going to be times when change doesn’t feel great. The holidays are a perfect example. Even if you were unhappily married, there was something magical about being a family when the kitchen smelled of roast turkey and the malls resounded with that classic David Bowie and Read More

Don’t Forget About the Kids! 5 Tips for Protecting Your Children During the Divorce Process

“How will the divorce affect the children?” This is probably the question that keeps divorcing parents awake at night. You may have stayed in an unhappy marriage for longer than you should have because you thought about how a divorce would impact your children. Now that you and your spouse have decided to end the marriage, you’re worried about how the kids will react. This concern is both normal and to be Read More

4 Things to Consider When Establishing a Residential Schedule

When you and your spouse or domestic partner decide to separate, your first concern will be how to best support your children. This is going to be a difficult time for them, and they deserve every effort to maintain stability during the transition. Putting together a residential schedule can give them the constancy, predictability, and routine needed to adapt to this change in their lives. What is a Residential Read More

Divorce Without Marriage: Dissolving a Domestic Partnership in Washington State

Tom and Carla have been in a domestic partnership for 10 years. They have two beautiful children and a comfortable lifestyle to show for it. Unfortunately, they’re also not happy. In many ways, they still have as much respect and regard for each other as the day they moved in together. What’s changed is the dynamics of their relationship. At first they couldn’t put their finger on it, but now Tom and Carla agree Read More

5 Tips to Manage Stress During Divorce or Separation

When you’re in the midst of a divorce or separation, feeling stressed is a normal reaction. You’re embarking on a new journey and wondering what the future holds. Who wouldn’t be experiencing a lot of anticipation, curiosity, and grief, sometimes all at once? A certain degree of stress can be a good thing: it gives us the energy and impetus to face challenging situations. Difficulties occur when stress impacts our Read More

“How Do I Break the News to Our Friends and Family That We Are Getting Divorced?”

When you announced your engagement to your loved ones, their reaction was probably what you anticipated: excitement, happiness, and enthusiastic congratulations. On the other hand, when you decide to get a divorce, there’s no obvious or easy way of breaking that kind of news. Telling your friends and family about the divorce is going to be awkward and emotional, and many of them may not know how to react, but there Read More

D-I-Why?: Why DIY Legal Options Are Dangerous When It Comes to Your Family

If you are facing a family law matter, it can be tempting to save money by handling it yourself. While there are plenty of resources available in the form of DIY kits, court-supplied paperwork, and how-to websites, hiring an attorney can truly be in your best interests for a number of reasons! Family law is highly specialized. The law in general—and family law in particular—can be confusing and complex for those Read More

Because Hindsight is 20/20: 4 Ways to Prepare for a Separation or Divorce

If you know that a divorce or separation is in your future, the time to start financially preparing is now. Unfortunately, many people don’t think of the financial impact of a divorce until the divorce is under way or is final and their financial situation has changed. This causes unnecessary stress during an already stressful time. To reduce some of the financial strain of divorce, try our four tips on how to be Read More

Four Healthy Ways to Co-Parent

When you get divorced or separated from the other parent of your child, your former spouse/partner will remain in your child’s life. Having two households may be difficult to adjust to at first, but what we here at the Bliss Law Group have found is that the transition becomes easier on parents and children alike if there is a healthy co-parenting dynamic from the get-go. Here are four suggestions to help you Read More