What If I Don’t Want a Divorce?

What If I Don’t Want a Divorce? You’ve tried everything to save your marriage. You discussed your differences, attended marriage counseling, and even tried a trial separation, but your spouse no longer wants to explore other options. They want a divorce. Even if it’s not what you want, it only takes one person to end a marriage and, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about that. We understand this is painful Read More

What’s Next? Living Single and Loving It

Before you decide this message doesn’t apply to you, take a moment to think about yourself. Only you. The children still will be there. Your ex will too. Raising a family is tough; raising a family when you are divorced is another layer of difficult. But for right now, think about yourself as an individual being who needs to find a new way to manage life. Being single doesn’t mean being alone. It does mean you alone Read More

Finding Happy in the Holidays: Co-Parenting in a Pandemic

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford Whether you have been co-parenting for years or are new to the experience, the restrictions we face this holiday season because of COVID-19 are unprecedented. Planning for your celebrations should be a joyous time for your children, for your extended family, and yes, for YOU.  Patience and preparation can help Read More

Your New Family: 5 Tips for Blending Two Families After a Second Marriage

Anyone remember the Brady Bunch? Even today, the iconic 1970s sitcom epitomizes blended families. A widowed architect with three sons marries a woman with three daughters, and adventure ensues. In one episode, Mrs. Brady tells one of the boys that the only “steps” in the home lead to the second floor. In other words, everyone is a son or daughter, not stepson or stepdaughter. This is one instance where life should Read More

4 Tips for When Your Former Partner Does Not Want to Co Parent

You’re no longer with your partner, but otherwise nothing has changed. If you say “black,” their response is “white.” There’s no logic behind their actions - they’re only driven by a determination to make your life as difficult as possible, even if you have children together and need to act in their best interests. Dealing with a difficult former partner and co-parent can be physically, mentally, and emotionally Read More

When It Takes a Village: Third-Party Custody in Washington State

A child’s ideal caregiver is their parent. A secure and loving relationship with Mom and/or Dad keeps them safe and healthy, transmits important social and cultural values, and provides them with the resources and skills they need to grow into happy and well-adjusted adults.  Unfortunately, circumstances can arise that make it impossible for parents to give their children the love and attention they need to Read More

Facing Your Fears: 4 Common Worries People Have About Divorce

Every time you look at the summer calendar on your fridge, you’re reminded about your upcoming divorce. Your daughter can’t stop talking about the new slides at Dune Peninsula park while your son is excited about his camping trip with friends. There’s also the new exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum “Bart at TAM: Animating America’s Favorite Family”, that has the town talking.  You begin to wonder, “will I ever enjoy Read More

Lawyer Fees: How Do They Work?

When you decide to petition for dissolution of marriage (file for divorce) in Washington state, one of the first questions you’re going to ask yourself is, “how do attorney fees work?”.  Although you know that divorce is the best solution to a difficult family situation, it’s normal to be concerned about fees and costs. When you’re preparing to live on one income and possibly pay spousal or child support, you must Read More

Facing Divorce? Here’s What You Can Expect to Happen

Your spouse has just told you that they want a divorce. Even though some of your friends have been through the process, and you routinely see celebrity breakups shared on your social media newsfeed, none of it adequately prepares you for facing your own divorce. What can you expect to happen in the days ahead? Let’s talk about the emotional aspects first. Even if you knew deep inside that this was coming, you’re Read More

4 Things You Can Do to Help Your Attorney During Your Case

Your life can become hectic after you file for divorce. While you’re preparing for a new life, you’re also putting in time at work, getting the kids off to school, helping them with their homework, and running household errands like cleaning and grocery shopping. Sometimes it feels as if you don’t even have time to organize your thoughts, let alone help your divorce attorney during your case! The good news is that Read More