Stephanie Moist

Introducing Stephanie Moist – Director of Client Services

One of Stephanie’s passions is to help people, so don’t be surprised if she gives you a hug because she thinks you need it. She has an extensive background in sales and marketing with an emphasis on client engagement. Stephanie serves as our client’s first point of contact with our firm, ensuring a smooth transition from the beginning to the end of each case. In addition to providing exceptional customer support, she oversees the firm’s marketing efforts.

Stephanie has lived all over the West Coast but is proud to call Washington home. She has two cats and a very energetic dog, so you can often find her at dog parks or pet stores. Stephanie’s hobbies include reading, cooking and eating anything Italian, and trying to learn the Italian language. Stephanie was raised in a very blended family, and speaks fluent French. She has two wonderful stepdaughters and is in a relationship with her best friend, Marc, with whom she couldn’t imagine life without.