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Newsletter Archive

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December 2017 – Peace of Mind in the Holidays
October 2017 – Communication Tips for Parenting During the Holidays
September 2017 – Does Your Family Have an Emergency Plan?
August 2017 – Back to School with Bliss
July 2017 – Who Gets the House and the 401K?
June 2017 – Bliss Law Group and Your Summer Challenge!
May 2017 – This Condition Affects 1 in 20 Children, but No One is Talking About It.
April 2017 – Sharing Is Caring: 6 Tips to Help You Adapt and Thrive With Shared Custody
March 2017 – Keeping Wonder Alive
February 2017 – Valentines, Chocolates, Cupid and…..Uncle Sam?
January 2017 – Washington Parents: What You Need to Know About Relocation Under Your Current Parenting Plan Agreement


December 2016 – Creating Lasting Memories this Holiday Season
November 2016 – A Brief Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution for Family Law