Melissa Alton

Introducing Melissa Alton – Freelance Paralegal

As Bliss Law Group’s Freelance Paralegal, Melissa works closely with Attorney Bliss and Paralegal Allred. She becomes involved in client cases when an extra hand is needed and can dive in at any time during the pendency of a case. She is an excellent source for additional feedback and strategy planning.

Melissa has been working in the family law field for 13 years and received her Paralegal Degree from Highline Community College in Des Moines. She has a natural drive to conquer and achieve the best results for our clients using effective and efficient techniques she has gained through experience. Melissa takes pride in making sure the client’s voice is heard throughout the legal process and is very much a people person making her very easy to relate to and communicate with during one of the most difficult and very personal times in a client’s life.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys dirt biking with her son and husband during summer months and snowmobiling during winter months. She is a dog lover and is the proud pup mom of Duke, who is a non breed specific rescue. Melissa also enjoys giving back to her local area through charity work and volunteer events.

Bliss Law Group is honored to have Melissa as part of the team.